Label Advisor: easy compliance for SmartLabel™ requirements

Label Advisor offers an easy way to fulfill the grocery industry requirements for the SmartLabel™ Program. We work with brands to provide consumers easy access to detailed ingredients, nutritional information, allergens and other important attributes of a product.

We make it easy to:

Gather content in compliance with SmartLabel™ specifications.

Transfer data from your existing label or product information system.

Quickly generate a consumer-friendly landing page for each product.

Publish those web pages into the SmartLabel™ App.

Label Advisor offers an easy and low cost way to fulfill the Grocery industry requirements for the SmartLabel™ Program.

Each hosted product costs:
$50 Set up and $100 per year.

SmartLabel™ gives consumers information on hundreds of attributes for thousands of products. This includes nutritional information, ingredients, allergens, third-party certifications, social compliance programs, usage instructions, advisories, safe handling instructions and company/brand information, along with other pertinent information about the product.

Each individual product in SmartLabel™ has a specific Web landing page containing detailed information right from the manufacturer on ingredients and other product attributes. All information provided by SmartLabel™ is bound by the same USDA and FDA accuracy requirements as if it was printed on the label.

At Label Advisor, we are committed to working with brands to ensure that SmartLabel™ pages achieve this accuracy at low cost and minimal effort to the brand..

All SmartLabel™ landing pages are organized in a similar format. It doesn’t matter if the shopper is considering peanut butter, pet food, or deodorant the format remains the same.

All participating publishers must comply with the SmartLabel™ design and implementation guidelines put forth by the Grocery Manufacturers Association. This ensures the best consumer experience across different brands, products, and SmartLabel™ publishers. The SmartLabel™ pages created and hosted by LabelAdvisor follow these important guidelines.