SmartLabel™ Program Overview

SmartLabel™ is a consumer information transparency initiative, led by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), that provides easy and instant access to detailed information about thousands of products such as:



Personal Care

Home Care

Pet Care

SmartLabel™ helps you identify when a product contains ingredients that you or your family might want to avoid.

82% of smartphone users consult their phones on purchases they’re about to make in store.

Our grandmothers bought products based on what was available… Our mothers bought products based on the brands… Today’s shopper, evaluates products based on attributes and ingredients.

Consumers are informed participants, searching beyond the standard ingredient label for additional product information, such as ingredient origins and composition. The SmartLabel™ initiative provides consumers the detailed information they want, and the standardized format provides a consistent, mobile friendly format.

Every participating product has a landing page with the detailed information you need to help you shop. All information is based on GS1 Standard attributes such as:
Nutrition, Ingredients, Allergens, Usage Instructions, Advisories & Handling, Company/Brand

The SmartLabel™ program puts detailed information about the products you buy and use right at your fingertips and makes it easier than ever to find information about the products you use and consume.

You can find detailed product information with SmartLabel™ in three easy ways: by scanning a QR code, using web search, or through the SmartLabel™ app. In most cases, the consumer experience will look like:

A consumer scans the label image, barcode or QR code of the product they are interested in.

They are then directed to a SmartLabel™ ‘page’ that is rendered in a consistent manner – typically on a on mobile device.

The SmartLabel™ page provides detailed nutritional, ingredient information and more, in an easily navigable format.

QR codes are one of the easiest ways for consumers to access SmartLabel™ information. Smart label devices offer various free apps to read the QR codes and with Apple's new active QR code reader, consumers can simply use their camera phone to instantly access QR code information.

FMI’s U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends 2016 research shows that 20 percent of shoppers already scan QR codes or traditional barcodes of grocery items – and another 36 percent are interested in doing so. This shows technology’s increased role in the shopping experience and the diversity of ways shoppers obtain data on products.

Since the program launched almost two years ago, 40 companies, 500 brands and 40,000 individual products are publishing online SmartLabel™ pages. Some of your favorite brands have published SmartLabel™ web pages including:

No. The SmartLabel™ program is a voluntary initiative led by a broad set of retailers, manufacturers and industry groups under the Grocery Manufacturers Association.

The co-chairs include leaders from Hersheys and Topco. Those individuals are supported by representatives from Pepsico, General Mills, L’Oreal, Clorox, Unilever, Kroger. Coca Cola, Nestle, Con Agra Foods, and others.